aespa Karina won first place on the personal brand reputation chart for female idols in June

The spectacular breakthrough of Karina and aespa after the comeback with “Next Level” shows that SM’s rookie group is gradually asserting its position as the leading girl group of the 4th generation.

Recently, the Korean Business Research Institute has announced the individual brand reputation rankings of girl group members in June 2020.  The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various female idols.  And the data used started to collect from May 20 to June 20. 

According to the published result, Karina (aespa) had a spectacular breakthrough when reaching the first place, surpassing a series of other popular female idols such as Jennie (BLACKPINK), Arin (Oh My Girl)…

Specifically, Karina reached 3,668,577 points, an increase of 331.13% compared to the previous month. This impressive result is due to the influence of aespa’s first comeback with Next Level. High ranking keywords related to Karina include “Next “Level”, “Teaser” and “singing ability”.  High-ranking links include “appearance”, “disclosure” and “high rating”.  Positive reactions also account for 70.20%. 

In second place is Jennie.  Although BLACKPINK has not returned with any music for a long time, Jennie still maintains her reputation when continuously reaching the top 5 of the monthly brand value rankings. This month, Jennie achieved 3,621,009 points, an increase of 8.45% compared to the previous month.

Arin (Oh My Girl) ranked 3rd on this month’s chart. She scored 3,440,360 points, an increase of 4.89% compared to May rankings.

The other two members of aespa, Winter and Giselle, also came in at 4th and 5th respectively. It seems that with the success of Next Level, all 4 members of SM’s rookie group are gradually being well-received by the public.  With this result, aespa is gradually asserting their position as the top girl group of the 4th generation.

The rest of the positions in the top 10:

6. TWICE Jeongyeon

7. aespa NingNing

8. Brave Girls Minyoung

9. Brave Girls Eunji


Source: Celeb Media

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