aespa is accused of copying BLACKPINK as they wear similar uniforms type on ‘Knowing Bros’

Netizens believe that SM is being too obvious in making aespa follow the path of BLACKPINK.

After a successful comeback with their first mini-album “Savage” and the title track of the same name, achieving many impressive results, aespa has recently confirmed to appear on the popular JTBC’s variety show “Knowing Bros“. Although aespa once guested on “Knowing Bros” earlier in May of this year, this will be the first time SM’s rookie girl group appears as the main guest.

Today (October 14) is the day aespa recorded for the upcoming episode of “Knowing Bros”. The appearance of the 4 members has received special attention not only from fans but also from the Korean media. However, after photos of aespa on their way to the filming spot were published and spread on social media platforms, netizens have quickly pointed out something unusual in their uniforms.


As can be seen, aespa will appear on the upcoming episode of “Knowing Bros” wearing gray skirts and white tops. The members also coordinate their white shirts with gray and black blazers, cardigans or sweater vests. aespa’s uniforms quickly remind many viewers quickly of BLACKPINK, especially when the similar outfits worn by YG’s girl group during the recording for “Knowing Bros” last October used to be a trending topic on social media.


Of course, it wouldn’t matter if all the other girl groups on “Knowing Bros” wore the same outfits. If you regularly watch this show, you will notice that the most common costumes of most guest girl groups include white shirts and plaid skirts in a variety of colors. Even girl groups from the same company as aespa like Red Velvet or SNSD both wear this uniform style during their appearances on “Knowing Bros.”

red velvet

The strange similarity in the uniforms of the two groups left the Korean internet community wondering if SM is purposefully letting aespa follow in the footsteps of BLACKPINK since this is not the first and only time they have been accused of copying YG’s girl group. Furthermore, several Korean netizens pointed out the differences between the two groups, although they wore similar uniforms. They also stated that even if aespa purposefully copied BLACKPINK, they could never be as gorgeous and elegant as BLACKPINK.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • “But isn’t it too obvious that aespa is going to follow the path of BLACKPINK? Lee Soo Man also created SuperM to fulfill his America dream after witnessing BTS’s success. ..”
  • “Except for BLACKPINK, all the other girl groups that appear on ‘Knowing Bros’ wear uniforms like this. As soon as you see them, you know that aespa copied BLACKPINK again”
  • “But BLACKPINK’s uniforms are freakingly amazing… They are both beautiful and classy”
  • “Whether it’s another company’s female idol group or SM’s female idol group, most of them wear plaid skirts and white shirts”
  • “Not to mention BLACKPINK, this type of uniform is quite popular… I see a lot of people wearing this kind of clothes on the street”
  • “If they want to be like BLACKPINK, they should do it well. What type of outfit is that? Is SM not possible to iron the skirts before letting aespa wear them?”

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