aespa Giselle shares feelings on their first mini-album: ‘Excited but nervous as well’

Member Giselle of aespa expressed her feelings about the group’s comeback.

On October 5th, aespa‘s first mini-album ‘Savage’ online press conference was broadcast live through YouTube under the host of MC Jaejae.

Making a comeback 5 months after the single ‘Next Level’ was released in May, Giselle said, “We are back with our first mini album this time. I’m excited and nervous as well.”

She then added, “We will show you an upgraded version of aespa through ‘Savage’.” Winter also confessed, “We worked hard for this. Please look out for us.”

‘Savage’ is the first physical album released by aespa since their debut with the single “Black Mamba” in November 2020. The pre-order volume alone exceeded 401,088 copies (as of the previous day), confirming the strong “super rookie” power in the album array.

giselle aespa
giselle aespa

This album consists of 6 songs in total, including the title song ‘Savage’ with the same name as the album, ‘ænergy’ containing the story about aespa’s world view, the powerful dance song ‘I’ll Make You Cry’, ‘Yeppi Yeppi’ with a positive message, the dance song ‘ICONIC’, and the pop song with sentimental melody ‘Lucid Dream’. 

Source: daeum

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