aespa finished their 1st comeback stage for “Savage”, showing off the AI-like visual

SM Entertainment girlgroup aespa has brought on stage their comeback track “Savage”.

On the latest episode of M!Countdown aired on Oct 14th, many artists have appeared including Golden Child, Donghae, ITZY, aespa, and Jo Yuri. On the same day, aespa announced the start of their comeback promotion with the new song “Savage”.

aespa Savage

aespa showed off their spectacular performance, drawing keen attention to their knife-like sharp dance moves and cool vocals. Aside from their voice and dance, aespa also caught the audience’s eyes with their doll-like beauty. Karina, Winter, NingNing and Giselle added a note to emphasize their appearance even more with cat-like makeup. For the ending pose which is the highlight of music shows, aespa members continued to shine.

aespa Savage
aespa Savage

For the final pose of “Savage”, the aespa members exuded charms through their strong gaze flashing at the camera. Responses are exploding among fans, complimenting about how extraordinary the members looked, “I thought Karina was a doll”, “Their visual is crazy”, “NingNing is so pretty”, “Karina and Winter are so gorgeous”.

Meanwhile, aespa recently released their 1st mini-album “Savage” on Oct 5th. The title track “Savage” is currently creating a music craze as it has topped real-time charts on major music sites such as Melon, Genie, Bugs and Flo since its official release.

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