Aespa broke ITZY’s record but is criticized for ‘using money to buy achievements’

Aespa set the record as the fastest rookie to achieve 100 million views on a debut MV, breaking ITZY’s record.

 On January 8, SM announced Aespa’s Black Mamba MV reached 100 million views after 1 month and 21 days.  This is the fastest debut MV to get 100 million views in Kpop history, helping the SM girl group gain this great achievement right after debut.  Previously, ITZY’s Dalla Dalla held this record (1 month 28 days).

 Aespa’s debut MV also became the second fastest SM artist to reach 100 million views after Make A Wish (NCT U) that took 30 days.  The most outstanding rookie in 2020 has proven their popularity, confirming their undeniable influence just with a debut song. Fans are extremely proud of Aespa’s performance and SM announced that there will be a special dance practice version to celebrate.

Aespa broke ITZY’s record

 However, Aepsa’s record was mocked by some netizens, claiming that “it was simply bought with money”.  Many comments claim that SM spent money on ads for Black Mamba MV, making the MV constantly appear when users watch other things on Youtube, the ads even appeared in online games.  This is may be the reason why Black Mamba’s MV views have steadily increased over the past month, with no signs of slowing down.

 Some negative comments criticize SM as “the company that spends money to buy achievements”, “Aespa is not worth it”, “The number of views bought wiyh money is nothing to be proud of”, “Intentionally spending money to break ITZY’s record “,” Dalla Dalla is still the best song “,”ITZY is better than Aespa “,”The group is only famous for the advertising trick that only fans are proud of “….

Aespa broke ITZY’s record

Since debut, Aespa has always been a group with a lot of noisy marketing and negative rumors.  Karina was suspected of “defaming” BTS, NCT, EXO … making many people uncomfortable because of her being so favored by SM. Winter’s past photos were also controversial, being questioned of plastic surgery.  However, it is undeniable that Aespa is the most successful rookie in 2020, considered the new “ace” of SM.

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