Adult Entertainment Establishment Manager Who Blackmailed Lee Sun-kyun Sentenced to 2 Years for Drug Use

Adult entertainment establishment manager A, who previously blackmailed the late Lee Sun-kyun, has been sentenced to prison for drug use

According to the legal community on July 11th, during the final trial held on July 9th at Incheon District Court’s Criminal Division 14 (presided by Judge Son Seung-bum), the prosecution requested a two-year prison sentence for A, who was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act by using psychoactive drugs and marijuana.

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The prosecution stated that the sentencing recommendation took into account A’s previous convictions for drug-related crimes.

A, who has six prior convictions for drug offenses, was indicted for using or smoking philopon, ketamine and marijuana three times between March and August last year.

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In a separate case, A was also indicted for blackmailing Lee Sun-kyun for 300 million won in September last year.

In her first trial for the extortion charges, A denied the blackmail allegations, claiming, “I only informed Lee Sun-kyun that I was being blackmailed by a hacker.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun passed away on December 27th last year while being investigated by the police for drug use allegations.

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