Actresses who may replace Jo Bo-ah as the female lead in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” season 2 and 3

The following actresses are nominated by viewers to become the next female lead to star alongside Lee Dong Wook in the sequels of “Tale of the Nine Tailed”.

The drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed, starring Lee Dong Wook released last year, recently surprised viewers by announcing that it would be renewed for season 2 and 3 in the near future. Unfortunately, Jo Bo Ah will no longer participate, which means that the drama will have a new female lead in the upcoming sequels. Although the producers of the drama have not yet teased anything about the new female lead, Korean netizens have quickly nominated 7 actresses that they think should be paired with Lee Dong Wook. Let’s see who the nominees are.


The 2nd and 3rd season of Tale of the Nine Tailed will be highly anticipated if IU accepts the offer to become the female lead. The first reason is because the acting skills of this talented single-actress has been recognized through My Mister or Hotel del Luna. Second, her reputation and image will also significantly help the media coverage of the drama. The only problem is IU’s busy schedules with many projects lining up from acting to music that she most likely won’t have time for this project, but if she says yes, fans will be looking forward to the drama even more.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is an actress who is still getting many offers from writers to star in their works. Many netizens believe Park Shin Hye will do well if she becomes the female lead in another season of Tale of the Nine Tailed. With an interesting script and natural chemistry with Lee Dong Wook, this could be a chance for the beautiful actress to “bounce back” from her successive failures.

Yoo In Na

When it was reported that Tale of Nine Tailed would feature a new female lead, Yoo In Na immediately popped up in most viewers’ minds. If Yoo In Na becomes the female lead, it will be amazing news for the fans who ship her with Lee Dong Wook. From Goblin to Touch Your Heart, the duo has shown their captivating chemistry. So if they work together again, there is nothing to be worried about. This is also a safe and most reasonable choice for the producers to make sure the drama is well-received.

Lee Ji Ah

The 3-year age gap between Lee Ji Ah and Lee Dong Wook is not considered a big deal because Lee Ji Ah looks much younger than her actual age of 43. Lee Ji Ah has recently become extremely popular thanks to Penthouse, so the public is looking forward to seeing her in another work. Whether this new female lead character is on the tough side or more delicate, it definitely won’t be difficult for an acting talent like Lee Ji Ah.

Seo Ye Ji

If Seo Ye Ji is chosen, it will surely make the Korean media stand still. Maybe the producer of ‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed’ decided to take the risk and  invite a new face with a heavy scandal not long ago like Ms. Seo to be the female lead? The scandal aside, Seo Ye Ji’s acting is also very suitable for this kind of mystery and fantasy film. Besides, being trusted to give the opportunity to return to acting can also be the motivation for Seo Ye Ji to devote more than 100% of her efforts and bring success to her role as well as the series. Inviting Seo Ye Ji is really challenging, but the potential is also great.

Go Min Si

If unfortunately experienced actors are too busy with their own projects, a young face like Go Min Si will be a good choice. Known as the younger version of Kim Min Hee, Go Min Si has also been noticed by the public through a series of impressive roles in ‘Sweet Home’, Love Alarms’ or ‘Youth Of May’. If she is lucky enough to be chosen, this is a valuable opportunity for Go Min Si to further improve her acting ability and diversify the list of roles.

Lee Da Hae

The chance for Lee Da Hae to return to acting seems slim, but if luck is successful, the new season of ‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed’ will become the most anticipated movie to watch. It will not only be inviting Lee Da Hae back to the set, but it will also be her 3rd historic reunion with Lee Dong Wook. This couple used to act well and create success for ‘My Girl’ ​​and ‘Hotel King’, so the potential for them to make the story of meeting again is also high. Although ‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed’ is a fictional drama, if Lee Da Hae is the new female lead, many people will watch it immediately.

If the producer invites 1 of these 7 female stars to be the new female lead, that’s fine. But if it’s other people, they must have their own criteria and reasons for making such a choice. Well, let’s wait and see in the near future, the producer will continue to release new announcements about ‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed’ season 2 and 3. 

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