Actress Yoon Ji-oh is accused of spreading pornography, “taking lewd video in a stewardess outfit”

She was said to have taken lewd video while wearing the Korean Air flight attendant outfit.

Actress Yoon Ji-oh (real name Yoon Ae-young, 32) has been accused of using the communication media for spreading pornography. Yoon Ji-oh claimed to be the only testament to the late Jang Ja-yeon’s case but has returned to Canada after a controversy over her credibility.

According to various media outlets, citizen A recently filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station against Yoon Ji-oh. She is suspected of violating Article 13 of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence and other crimes (the act of spreading pornographic material on mass media).

The man took issue with Yun Ji-oh’s “Afreeca TV” BJ activities. According to the report, Yoon Ji-oh showed video clips of her exposing her cleavage and underwear to an unspecified number of people over a total of three live streams.

First of all, two videos were filmed on July 15, 2017. “Yoon Ji-oh was dressed as a Korean Air flight attendant and showed her lower underwear along with lewdly exposing her cleavage,” A said.

A also cited the video dated July 17, 2018. “Yoon Ji-oh wore a tight dress to explicitly expose her cleavage. She also took the video in a position that one can clearly see her underwear,” he explained.

In addition, Yoon Ji-oh’s past broadcasts have been posted on social media, which has sparked controversy. It features Yun Ji-oh wearing revealing outfits and dancing.

Article 13 of the Sexual Violence Punishments Act stated that those who spread sexual material to the communication media for the purpose of causing or satisfying the sexual desire of themselves or others will be punished by the law.

If found guilty, Yun Ji-oh could face up to 2 years in prison or up to 5 million won in fines.

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-oh is accused of several counts of fraud and defamation. Author Kim Soo-min has sued Yoon Ji-oh for defamation and fraud. Lawyer Park Hoon also accused Yoon Ji-oh of scamming donation money.

She was also sued for civil damages. 439 donors have said, “We were deceived by Yoon Ji-oh. Our good intentions were abused,” and requested the return of the donations and compensation for mental damages.

In addition, aside from the fraud charges, Yoon Ji-oh is also suspected of defaming Korea Party leader Hong Joon-pyo who is the former representative of Liberty Korea Party and violating the Act of Crime Victims Protection Fund

Yoon Ji-oh is currently not in and doesn’t have the intention to return to South Korea. “It’s hard to enter the country right now,” she told the police. Regarding the exposed images, she claimed that it was manipulation footage using the “Deep Fake” application.

Source: Dispatch

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