Actress Kim Yoon Hye, who acted in “Vincenzo”, is confirmed to play the main role in a new horror movie

Kim Hye Yoon has been confirmed as the main character of “The Scene”.

“The Scene” is an occult horror “art-buster” that will be released in both box office and as an art-house film. The movie is designed aiming for the domestic film festivals and the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. Moreover, by featuring a unique worldview that the viewers have never experienced before, the movie is receiving high expectations.

Kim Yoon Hye was cast for the role of the main female lead, Si Young. In the movie, Si Young is suggested by a famous director to act as the main character of an experimental film about modern dance. While moving to the filming set, she is caught up in a terrible incident without knowing what has happened.

“The Scene” tells the story of the “original sin” carried out by humans through the development of strange phenomena and terrible events that cannot be explained by science.

Actress Kim Yoon Hye has impressed movie fans with her appearance in tvN’s drama “Vincenzo”, a hit drama that ended not long ago. She also showed off her elegant and chic acting in JTBC’s drama “18 Again”. Moreover, Kim Yoon Hye has also built up a solid filmography by appearing in “Because I Love You” and “The Advocate: A Missing Body.

Meanwhile, Amax Korea, the company that invested in “The Scene”, stated, “We will make sure that the movie is screened in Metabus movie theaters specialized in horror films.”

The movies will crank in on October 4 and will be released in theaters and on OTT platforms in 2022.

Sources: daum

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