Actress Kim So Yeon explained Cheon Seo Jin’s hair-cutting scene in the last episode of ‘Penthouse 3’

Actress Kim So Yeon recently shocked the viewers with the hair-cutting scene in the last episode of “Penthouse 3”.

Ahead of the end of SBS’s Friday drama “Penthouse 3“, Kim So Yeon participated in a video interview with Celev Media on September 9.

“Penthouse” tells the story of a real estate and education war, a desire to be number one. It depicts the solidarity and revenge of the women who turned to evil to protect themselves and their children. Kim So Yeon played the role of Cheon Seo Jin, CEO of Cheong A Foundation. It’s been 20 years since the last time she challenged herself with the role of a villain. Therefore, she continued to show great performance and earned remarkable achievements in her acting career.

In the last episode, Cheon Seo Jin found out that she was in the late stage of Laryngeal cancer. However, she was already imprisoned for having committed many evil acts. In the scene that Cheon Seo Jin cut her hair because of cancer, actress Kim So Yeon wanted to portray the scene in the most realistic way; she decided to cut her real hair boldly instead of a wig.

During the interview, Kim So Yeon explained, “In the last episode, Cheon Seo Jin will be sentenced to 3 years in prison. During that time, Eun Byeol has never visited her mother once. One day, Cheon Seo Jin, who is in the last stage of Laryngeal cancer, looks in the mirror and cuts her hair short. Therefore, I had to film the scene in which I cut my real hair.”

She added, “At first, I couldn’t sleep for a week because I kept on thinking about how I would act that scene with a wig. I was worried about how I could understand the feelings of Cheon Seo Jin and portray this character. Therefore, I decided to cut my real hair to bring out the most realistic scene. There were about 3 cuts that will be shown in the drama. Those are just some short scenes, but I have immersed myself in the filming of them.”

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