Actress Kim So-hyun updated with some “close-up” selfies, showing her beautiful face without makeup confidently

Actress Kim So-hyun is attracting attention for selfie photos.

On November 10th, Kim So-hyun posted 4 photos on her Instagram along with a heart emoticon in her caption. The released pictures showed Kim So-hyun taking selfies with several facial expressions. In particular, Kim So-hyun caught the eyes of netizens by showing off her small face and pretty features. Despite little makeup on her face, she still revealed such an excellent visual, drawing admiration from netizens.

Moreover, she also stole the attention by boasting her flawless and clear skin through selfies photos taken from a close distance with the camera. Netizens who saw her pictures responded that they were envious of her beauty. They also commented, “So cute”, “Pretty”, “I love you, unnie. You’re so pretty”, “I love you”, “Your visual is really the best”, “Your face makes my heart flutter”, “Your skin is so great”, “I would also take a selfie like that if I had a beautiful face like yours”.

Meanwhile, Kim So-hyun played the role of Princess Pyeong Gang in KBS2’s drama “River Where the Moon Rises”, which ended in April. Recently, Kim So-hyun drew keen attention by appearing in the music video of “Should’ve known”, the new song of 2AM, who has just made a comeback with an album as a whole group after 7 years. In this MV, she acted together with a 2PM member and actor Junho and received huge attention.


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