Actress Kim Ji-won reportedly looking for a new agency – Salt Ent. denied, “It’s not the time to discuss her contract renewal”

It is expected that actress Kim Ji-won will move to another agency and make a new start.

According to the news report on the morning of October 27th, Kim Ji-won will not re-sign with Salt Entertainment and move to a new company. Currently, many agencies are hoping to have a meeting with Kim Ji-won. In response to the news, Salt Entertainment cautiously stated, “This is not the time to discuss her contract renewal”. However, many people in the industry have already insisted on her leaving as a fact.

Kim Ji-won

In February last year, Salt Entertainment reported on the signing of an exclusive contract with Kim Ji-won, saying, “We are grateful to be able to establish a new relationship with actress Kim Ji-won, who has received huge love from fans for her irreplaceable charm. We will accompany her and provide full support so that she can enjoy not only her acting activities but also her personal life.”

Salt Entertainment is currently also the house of Park Shin-hye, Kim Seon-ho, Kim Jung-hwa, and Kim Joo-heon. Based on sharing, amusement, love, and trust, the company aims for a “healthy management” that can spread “good influence”.

However, due to Kim Seon-ho’s recent ‘private life’ scandal, the company has suffered a hard time. After the disclosure, the fact that Salt Entertainment didn’t respond immediately and continued to remain silent has resulted in many suspicions.

Kim Ji-won

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-won made her debut as a model for ‘Lollipop’ CF in 2010. She gained recognition by appearing in various dramas and movies, such as “High Kick 3”, “The Heirs”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Fight For My Way” and “Arthdal Chronicles”, “Romantic Heaven”, “Horror Stories” and “Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead”.

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