Actress Kim Hye-soo draws attention with her special way to cool off while filming “The Queen’s Umbrella” in the hot weather

Kim Hye-soo once again impressed fans with her friendly side behind the scenes. 

Kim Hye-soo is a top actress who gains huge love from the public for her elegant and alluring charms. She has recently been very busy on the filming set of tvN’s new drama “The Queen’s Umbrela”, which is set to premiere on October 15th.

The Queens Umbrella

“The Queen’s Umbrella” is a historical drama that tells about the struggles of the Queen, who enters a fierce royal education war for the sake of the troublemaker princes.

In the main poster for “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which was released on September 14th, Kim Hye-soo wears a colorful hanbok and shows her sharp eyes, charming everyone with her charisma. Her graceful and elegant appearance drew applause from netizens.

The Queens Umbrella

Although Kim Hye-soo is expected to appear as Queen Hwa-ryeong and lead the drama with her bold spirit, her appearance on the filming set made many people laugh because it was somewhat opposite to her charismatic image on the screen. 

On September 19th, Kim Hye-soo uploaded two short videos taken during the filming of “The Queen’s Umbrella” on her Instagram account. 

The Queens Umbrella

The first video shows Kim Hye-soo rolling up her skirt and running around while opening her two legs widely. In the second video that followed, she raised her legs high and walked around.

This is not the first time Kim Hye-soo show her friendly and easy-going side.

Kim Hye-soo released photos taken when she was getting her makeup done ahead of a shoot through Instagram Story on August 30th. The actress drew attention by flaunting her distinctive and beautiful eyes without eyeliner and eyelash makeup.

The Queen's Umbrella

Confidently revealing her bare face, Kim Hye-soo drew admiration for her simple charm and perfect beauty. The actress, who boasts both charismatic and lovely charms, made fans fall deeper for her.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-soo amazed movie fans with her outstanding acting skills and overwhelming visual in many works after making her debut in the 1986 movie “Ggambo” and rapidly rose to the top star ranks. 

The Queen's Umbrella

She captivated viewers by showing high-quality acting performances in famous works, such as Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice”, tvN’s “Signal”, and movie “Tazza: The High Rollers”.

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