Actress Kim Da Mi reveals her strong connection to student roles in light of the upcoming movie “Soulmate” 

Kim Da Mi has strange connections to student roles during her five years of work after her debut. She acted as a highschool student Yoo Min Ah in the 2018 movie “Marionette” and as Koo Ja Yoon in the 2-part movie “The Witch.” From 2020 to 2022, she played in two dramas “Itaewon Class” and “Our Beloved Summer” that required her to play a period of the characters in uniform.

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Luckily, Kim Da Mi was able to pull off a student image with a uniform with ease, to the extent people who don’t know her can hardly guess her age. 

On March 15th, Kim Da Mi will appear in “Soulmate,” a movie that will capture every aspect of the characters’ youth from teens to 30s. In talking of her role this time, Kim Da Mi said, “I think it was a joy and honor for an actress to be able to capture the moments from my teens to my current age at my age.” Her character in the movie, Mi So, is a person who hides her pain and emotions and is not quite good at expressing how she feels. It takes a different path from her usual bold and upfront line of characters Da Mi frequently takes on. 

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She also showed a softer side of herself when she realized that acting in harmony is more important than acting alone when she did scenes with Jeon So Nee. She went into filming in an unprepared state, especially in the bath scene, which had to be filmed at once, and thanked Jeon So Nee for understanding her true feelings. 

kim da mi

Speaking of her student roles, Kim Da Mi expressed, “I want to keep wearing my school uniform until it feels awkward to me.” It seems that she isn’t not hesitate to play a young role in the future.

After “Soulmate,” she shot a disaster film called “The Great Flood,” and is said to be looking for a warm film project as her next work.

Source: daum

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