Actress Jung So Min takes on the role of the main character in the drama ‘Twilight’, in which Park Hye Eun stepped down

‘Twilight’ main character replacement Park Hye Eun → Jung So Min? Experience is yet something unbeatable

On the 8th, a media reported that Jung So Min would be cast as the main character of ‘Twilight’ which was the position Park Hye Eun stepped down from.


Regarding this, Jung So Min’s side explained, “It is true that we received an offer from the ‘Twilight’ crew and we are positively considering it.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, the media reported that Park Hye Eun, who was the female lead in ‘Twilight’, has left the drama.

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Park Hye Eun’s agency, H& Entertainment, said, “Park Hye Eun, who was cast in tvN’s new drama ‘Twilight’, has withdrawn under an agreement with the production crew. Although she was a new actress, and they worked hard to prepare for each other, but about leading the drama as the main character of a big project, she has felt a lot of pressure.”

Since then, the industry has particularly focused on who will be put into the position Park Hye Eun has stepped down. An insider said, “Originally, we wanted to introduce a new face, but now we are trying to choose a new protagonist from among the well-known actresses.” 

Source: Nate

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