Little do we know that actress Jung Ho Yeon from “Squid Game” has been dating “Reply 1988” Lee Dong Hwi for 6 years

Model and actor Jung Ho Yeon made her successful first step in acting with her debut role in the Netflix series “Squid Game” (directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk)

Jung Ho Yeon recently started her new journey as an actress through the Netflix series “Squid Game” released on September 17.

jung ho yeon squid game

“Squid Game” tells the story of 456 people who challenge themselves in a mysterious survival game to win the prize of 45.6 billion won. After the teaser was released, the movie received explosive attention from the viewers for its overwhelming scale and thrills. Therefore, the expectations for “Squid Game” were really high even before its release.

Jung Ho Yeon played the role of a North Korean defector Sae Byeok. Sae Byeol was in a desperate situation that she needed a lot of money for her family. As a result, she lived a hard life being a pickpocket.

During the intense games, Jung Ho Yeon showed up with a fearless and calm voice.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk shared, “I held many auditions in other to find a suitable person for the role of Sae Byeok. As soon as I saw her video, I thought this friend would take over the role really well.”

The viewers’ responses to her acting were really enthusiastic. They left many compliments, such as “I can’t believe this is her first time acting”, “She played this role well enough to make me forget about her image of a model”

Jung Ho Yeon became famous after participating in “Korea’s Next Top Model Season 4” in 2013. In 2017, she started to have many activities in foreign countries.

In particular, she is also actor Lee Dong Hwi’s girlfriend. The two are known to have been dating since 2015, and they admitted their relationship in 2016. At that time, model Jang Yoon Joo took a photo of the couple and posted it on Instagram to congratulate them.

jung ho yeon squid game
jung ho yeon squid game
Lee Dong Hwi in Reply 1988

Jung Ho Yeon is also a close friend of BLACKPINK Jennie. The two often take selfies together.

jung ho yeon squid game
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