Hong Kong top actor who openly supported the Communist Party to make a guest appearance on “Running Man” 

Donnie Yen, Hong Kong’s leading actor who openly supported Chinese President Xi Jinping, will appear on “Running Man”. 

On January 12th, Running Man announced the guest appearance of Donnie Yen, a Hong Kong leading action actor and martial arts director, through its official Instagram.

kyeon ji dan

Donnie Yen is planning to visit Korea for the promotion of the movie “Sakra”, which is about to be released on January 25th. Donnie Yen both directed and starred in the movie.

He will be filming for “Running Man” on January 17th. The episode with Donnie Yen’s appearance will be broadcast sometime next month.

kyeon ji dan

Donnie Yen received a lot of love from domestic fans through the “Ip Man” series, “Hero”, “SPL: Sha Po Lang”, and “Fist of Fury”.

However, he was previously embroiled in controversy by expressing his support to devote himself as an art worker under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party.

kyeon ji dan

At that time, the panel appeared on state television and openly supported the Communist Party, saying, “Under the leadership of a new leadership led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, China will declare a new era in film production.”

kyeon ji dan

Source: Wikitree. 

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