Actor Lee Young-bum had an love affair with an A-list actress relative

The revelation of the affairs of Noh Yu-jeong’s ex-husband Lee Young-bum has led to a series of calls for the actor’s clarification. Photos by Kyunghyang News.

The controversy over the love affair of actress Noh Yu-jeong‘s ex-husband Lee Young-bum went through a new phase. Noh Yoo-jeong appeared on YouTube’s “Puhaha TV” web entertainment program “Late Night Sindang” on the 29th of last month and mentioned Lee Young-bum‘s affair, saying, “There is a woman I hate so much that I want to kill her.” According to Noh Yoo-jeong‘s claim on the broadcast, their family collapsed due to the affair of actor Lee Young-beom, and rather, the relationship was initiated by the other woman.

Noh Yoo-jeong said, “My children’s father was at fault but it was not that big,” signaling that Lee Young-bum’s other woman was the reason. In response, host Jung Ho-geun said, ” Doesn’t she have no children and is one year older than us?” and added, “She has appeared in a drama with him in the past.”. Noh Yoo-jeong said, “There was no apology at all,” adding, “Even if I pray for God to help me forgive him, maybe it’s because I haven’t had enough, it really doesn’t work.”

Lee Young-bum affair

Noh Yoo-jeong married actor Lee Young-bum in 1994. They appeared together in the sitcom LA Arirang in the mid-1990s and boasted their marital status, but divorced in 2015 after four years of separation. They have one son and one daughter. The actress appeared on the broadcast several times before and mentioned the divorce, saying, “I suffered from depression during my marriage and tried to make extreme choices several times.”

Lee Young-bum affair

Noh Yu-jeong shared that Lee Young-bum‘s affair partner was a famous actress who were close to her, so she fell into a great sense of loss. The news about the aftermath of Noh Yu-jeong‘s revelation is spreading widely. This is because the real name of the actress pointed out as Lee Young-bum‘s affair partner is being brought up.

Lee Young-bum affair
Lee Young-bum and Noh Yoo-jeong got married in 1994 and appeared in a sitcom together, showing off their golden chemistry, but then broke up in 2015. Photos of Kyunghyang News.

The Instagram account of A, who was designated as an actual party, was also followed by a parade of criticism from netizens. Netizens commented directly on A’s post and asked for clarification, such as “Please pay back the karma for making other people cry”, “I’ll say it’s a momentary mistake, but you should feel guilty for the rest of your life”, “Shameless”, “Please make your position clear”…

Lee Young-bum affair

In addition, comments referring to A’s real name and urging her to issue an official statement poured out on YouTube videos in which she appeared. It is known that A is an actress familiar with the public by appearing in dozens of dramas and movies. She has also won several awards, including the Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards.

Currently, the public is paying attention to whether A would come forward to clarify the problem or not.


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