Actor Lee Kyu-han suddenly dropped out of all dramas and deleted his SNS account. What was the reason?

Actor Lee Kyu-han recently raised fans’ concerns because of his sudden actions.

Lee Kyu-han was previously scheduled to appear in 2 dramas, SBS-TV’s “Again My Life” and JTBS’s “Green Mothers Club”. However, the production crews of both series suddenly announced his withdrawal. An official in the entertainment industry stated briefly, “Lee Kyu-han dropped out of the projects due to personal reasons”. They only mentioned personal reasons and didn’t explain in detail.

Lee Kyu-han

According to an interview with a media outlet, it seemed to be a health problem. A close acquaintance of the actor said, “Lee Kyu-han has been suffering from a health-related problem since April.” He had been actively communicating and sharing his daily life moments with fans on his SNS. However, all of his posts were deleted recently.

As a result, fans are getting much more worried. They reacted, “What’s actually going on?”, “I hope he is strong”, “Although I don’t understand what’s going on, please shake off everything and get up again.”. Meanwhile, the actor acted in JTBC’s drama “She Would Never Know” in March this year.

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