Actor Kim Min-jae: “Best Couple Award for 2 consecutive years? I hope it’s either Park Eun-bin or me”

Actor Kim Min-jae confessed his feelings toward the season of year-end awards ceremonies.  

During the final interview, Kim Min-jae expressed his affection for KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Dali and Cocky Prince” (written by Son Heung-hye and Park Se-eun, directed by Lee Jung-seop) after the filming was finished. 

Kim Min-jae

Dali and Cocky Prince” is an art romance in which a “cost-effectiveness” man who is a parvenu who lacks education but makes up for his lacking with his social skills and a woman who comes from a rich family with a love for things with high prices, narrows the gap between each other through a museum.

Kim Min-jae

In this work, Kim Min-jae played the role of “Don Don F&B” Jin Moo-hak, who only knows money (“don” stands for pig and money), and had a sweet romance with Kim Dal-ri (Park Kyu-young), the daughter of a rich family, who only knows art.

On the same day, Kim Min-jae talked about ratings, saying, “Of course, there’s no way for me to stop thinking about it while working on a drama. But that part is not something I could manage. Therefore, I try to work hard in every drama so that I won’t regret anything. I’m really thankful to people who’ve watched the drama.”

Kim Min-jae

He expressed similar thoughts about awards ceremonies. When asked, “Did you expect to win the Best Couple Award for two consecutive years?”, Kim Min-jae shyly answered, “If they give me an award, I would appreciate it. However, I think this is also the part that I try not to think about in advance. I felt grateful receiving it, but…”

Kim Min-jae

Moreover, regarding the fact that he met actress Park Eun-bin, who was his partner in his previous work, at a year-end awards ceremony representing different dramas, Kim Min-jae drew attention by saying, “Although we are competing with each other for the Best Actor Award this year, I think it would still be so great no matter who wins the award between us.”

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