“I did push them and kick them in their chest,” actor Kim Dong-hee admitted to having attacked his alumni

Alumni A, who revealed the allegations of school violence by actor Kim Dong-hee, demanded an apology.  

Kim Dong-hee

On Jan 12th, Sports Kyunghyang released an interview with alumni A who raised the school violence suspicion regarding actor Kim Dong-hee.

On the 21st of last month, A has posted some evidence to an online community to support their claim of Kim Dong-hee‘s school violence.

In an interview, A said, “I hope you acknowledge your bullying action and apologize sincerely,” hoping for an officially apologize from the actor.

A said, “I don’t even want you to come to me in person. This is because there are friends who suffer from trauma just by looking at Kim Dong-hee’s articles and works,” they added.

Kim Dong-hee

A also mentioned the case in which they were accused of defamation by Kim Dong-hee after this person collected school violence testimonies and cases of damage to upload onto the online community.

A, who was acquitted by the prosecution due to insufficient evidence, said, “My alumni have taken their courage to voice out their statements related to his bullying, but I didn’t know things would get this big. Especially when Kim Dong-hee sued us for defamation, calling it “groundless,” everyone responded that it was absurd and hard to believe”.

They also complained that they were mentally struggling after being investigated for more than a year.

A said, “I hope you don’t deny it anymore and admit it neatly. People involved in this case know all the facts, so I hope he stops hiding and steps out confidently.”

The media then released a notice of the reason why there was no accusation of defamation against B, who claimed that they had suffered school violence from Kim Dong-hee.

The notice contains that Kim Dong-hee’s accusation of defamation against B for false facts was cleared of charges due to insufficient evidence.

Kim Dong-hee

According to reports, Kim Dong-hee admitted assault to the extent that he pushed B‘s chest with his feet when he was in fifth grade in elementary school. However, he claimed that he had never threatened to murder B with scissors or a cutter knife.

Kim sued B for defamation, saying B spread lies for the purpose of slandering him.

However, when B submitted a transcript of the school’s vice-principal and a number of witness statements as evidence that he was assaulted by Kim Dong-hee, the prosecution judged that it was difficult to admit that B‘s claim was false.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-hee‘s side said in an official position on the 28th of last month that they wanted to correct the suspicion that Kim Dong-hee bullied a friend with a disability in his class, adding that there were two disabled people in his immediate family. In the meantime, he denied allegations of school violence, saying that he did wander around as a kid but did not do anything to cause such social controversy.


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