Actor Jung Il-woo got injured during filming: “His retina is damaged, will return soon after a break”

Actor Jung Il-woo got an eye injury during filming.

9Atto Entertainment said in a telephone conversation with Dispatch on Nov 5th, “Jung Il-woo injured his eye while filming. He is currently taking a break after receiving treatment”. As a result of the diagnosis, his retina was damaged. The agency said, “It is not a serious injury. However, his condition requires him to take a break. We only postponed Jung Il-woo’s part of filming.”

Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo is currently in the filming process for the movie “Highway Family” (Director Lee Sang-moon). He was reportedly injured in a scene where he was slapped by a minor character because their actions did not match with each other.

Jung Il-woo

“Highway Family” is the story of a family living homeless, camping at the rest areas along the highway. They then accidentally hold a couple’s hand and begin their story of standing up again with courage. Jung Il-woo plays the role of a father of two and the head of the family. It is his first father role in his filmography. He will have to take off his soft image and try to show his paternal love.

Jung Il-woo

The “Highway Family” aims to finish filming in the second half of this year and appear in the cinema next year.


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