Ahn Jaehyun volunteered in charitable book translation works for the visually impaired 

Ahn Jaehyun hoped his action can bring about positive change in the life of the disadvantaged. 

Recently, the MIRAL Welfare Foundation revealed that actor Ahn Jaehyun is actively participating in making books for the visually impaired. The book is designed with both Braille version and normal print version that cater to different audiences while raising awareness of people with impairment. 

Ahn Jae hyun

After releasing his first book title in June last month, Ahn Jaehyun is taking an increasing interest in the reading environment of those with visual impairment. He realized that, due to the lack of available books with embossed texts, the visually impaired could not read what they wanted. Therefore, Ahn Jaehyun decided to take up voluntary work in this area. 

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From October, Ahn Jaehyun collaborated with a Braille expert translator and completed three books in total. The contents of the books were rendered to the Braille system and printed in sticker format to stick to the surface of the paper. The finished books were later transported to the Hanmaeum Welfare Center operated by the Foundation. 

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Ahn Jaehyun also confessed to having wanted to incorporate embossed texts in his book but had not been able to do so. Hence, this was a more meaningful action he could do. “I hope the charitable work I am doing will be known so that people with visual impairment can enjoy reading and enrich their cultural life in a more positive way”, said the actor. 

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