Actions that prove V (BTS) are the male idol with the ‘golden personality’

He always makes fans proud by his warm and kind personality.

1. Sophisticated, caring for people around him

In October 2018, at the award ceremony of “Korean Popular Culture Culture”, BTS had a commemorative photo with veteran actors like Lee Soon Jae, Kim Young Ok … The act of bowing down so as to be balanced while standing next to the veteran artist Lee Soon Jae received a lot of compliments from fans.

At a fan sign, when he noticed the fans were crying because they were able to meet him, V made himself … into a joke for fans to smile happily.

At the moment of celebrating the New Year at MBC Gayo Daejejun on December 31, when Yoon Ah congratulated the idols born in the Year of the Pig, V noticed the lack of the name of Joshua (Seventeen). The guy reminded Yoon Ah to add to the list and then the members of Seventeen even thanked him for his subtle gestures.

At the last Golden Disk Awards ceremony in 2019, NU’EST members were confused because there were only 3 seats. Realizing this “situation”, V quickly went to get another chair and give it to the group of friends.

2. His love for children

V is famous as one of Kpop’s favorite idols who love children. The guy has a special love for the little angels. Just being near children, V will “befriend” them very quickly. Many people say that, if they want to be noticed by V at the fansign, bring their children with them, he will be very happy.

3. Always cheer for the other artists

When attending music programs and award ceremony, V is always the craziest member of BTS. He almost always responded to every song with an excited state. Some fans commented V is like an enthusiastic fanboy of every Kpop artist.

4. His love for his family

Fans of BTS all know that family is the most important thing for V. He once shed tears in a concert because he could not attend his grandmother’s funeral, who raised him since childhood.

Even though he has become a global star, V has always turned towards his family. He did not hesitate to say “I love my parents” every time I have the opportunity to talk about them. At MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018, V is constantly looking for his parents who sat among the audience because they want to see their loved ones in the new year.

Every time he speaks when he receives the award, V never forgets the parents of BTS.

5. ‘Social Butterfly’ of BTS

V has a wide relationship in Kbiz because of his sweet, friendly personality. The guy is loved by many seniors and juniors. After the 2016 Hwarang filming, V added more names to the list of his best friends such as Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik …

6. Loving the members like his real family

V is known for his deep love for BTS members, especially youngest brother Jung Kook. When he debuted, Jung Kook had many difficulties because of his shyness. It was V who helped his brother to open his heart and grow more. At an interview in the US, when asked who is the best singing member of BTS, V did not hesitate to point towards Jung Kook with a proud face, thereby helping the maknae confidently cover the song Nothing like us.

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