Acting in the controversial drama “Snowdrop”, Yoo In-na received negative responses from netizens for participating in a “History Special”

Netizens are showing cold reactions to actress Yoo In-na’s doing the narration for a “History Special”.

On December 28th, it is announced that Yoo In-na will join the recording of KBS-1TV’s “UHD History Special – The Museum is Alive” (hereinafter “History Special”). As a guide of the museum, she will do the voice of a Dogu clay doll made in Silla 1500 years ago and tell stories.

yoo in na

Yoo In-na’s strengths are her soft voice and accurate pronunciation. She also has a great skill of delivering speeches’ content to the listeners. In particular, she worked as a DJ on KBS’s radio “Volume Up” for 5 years and also participated in making audiobooks and voice recognition services.

However, “Snowdrop” has been embroiled in controversies over history distortion ever since its first broadcast on December 18th. Netizens not only poured out criticisms towards the drama on online communities and SNS sites but also signed petitions to demand the suspension of broadcasting “Snowdrop”.

Although JTBC did try to explain the misunderstandings that were resulted from the controversies surrounding “Snowdrop”, suspicions have continued so far. Amidst this situation, the announcement of Yoo In-na’s appearance in a “History Special” also caused a stir in public.

yoo in na

Netizens pointed out, “Does it make sense to allow an actress who appears in a controversial ‘historical distortion’ drama to introduce a ‘History Special’?”. As a result, criticisms are still mounting.

Meanwhile, the first part of the “History Special”, featuring Yoo In-na, will air on December 28th, and the second part is scheduled for 10 P.M on January 4th, 2022.

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