According to MAMA’s “award distribution”, these are probably the winners of the remaining awards in HK

Let’s see how well is MAMA 2017’s “acting”!

Same as the audiences’ “expectation”, MAMA always knows how to rock a peaceful year with its unlimited arguments related to its awards. The more the audiences wait for MAMA, the angrier they get because of the way MAMA decides the winners for their awards. Kpop fans call it as “award distribution” and it is considered as an unchangeable rule of MAMA: “Only those who attend will win, or else, just keep…dreaming’.


According to that rule of the organizer, MAMA 2017 in Japan led to many arguments related to its fairness as well as the deservedness of the winners. Here, the writer does not affirm whether MAMA distributed the awards based on their rule, but sometimes, giving a prediction according to the majority’s point of view will make this issue more attractive, right?

“Make sure to relax your mind and do not lay too much emphasis on losing or winning before watching this!”

As we already knew, in the 2 nights of MAMA in Vietnam and Japan, there were 19 awards in total. Not mentioning about regional awards or meaningful awards that honors significant artists, MAMA 2017 announced 12 main awards, including 1 important Daesang award.

So, there are still half of the awards together with 2 Daesang awards will be announced at MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong on 1 Dec evening. Let’s take a closer look at those awards:

Best Female Artist

Sunmi will surely be the winner of this award. Among nominees including Taeyeon, IU, Heize, Suzy and Sunmi, only Sunmi will attend MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong. Moreover, she also prepares a performance at the event. Many people may think that Sunmi is the most potential nominee for “Best Dance Performance Solo”, but don’t forget that we also have Taemin.

Best Female Group

Black Pink may win in fan vote category but since the beginning, this award is considered to belong to Red Velvet.

blackpink, mama 2017, best female group
BlackPink does not attend the event, which means that they will not have a chance to win

In 2017, Red Velvet’s career has been more and more successful thanks to their hits such as “Rookie”, “Red Flavor”… Their digital achievements together with wide popularity help them own the title “Best Female Group”. Honestly, those competitors who can compete this award with Red Velvet are only TWICE, but TWICE only attended the show in Japan and won Daesang there. So…

Best Male Group

For sure, 100% of Kpop fans believe that EXO or BTS will own this award. However, remember that, this is MAMA 2017. Among 17 main nominations, GOT7 is only nominated for this award and you know, they are already on their way to Hong Kong!

Best Band Performance

In terms of voting, DAY6 ranks first in the final result. Up to now, there is no nominee for this award that confirms to attend the show. Perhaps, they will receive the award at home, then record a thank you video clip?

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music

The situation of this award is quite like Best Band Performance. It’s hard to point out who will be the winner finally. We only know that, Zico already attended the show in Japan and won “The best make artist”, so he had a very low chance to show up in Hong Kong and win another MAMA trophy.

Best Collaboration

Do you know that, this nomination has 2 nominees who will attend MAMA in Hong Kong? More surprisingly, they will also have 2 special stages. They are Soyou and Dynamic Duo. It seems that Soyou has a higher chance of winning “Best Collaboration” award because Baekhyun will also attend this event and their song is more popular to the audiences.

Best Music Video

Many fans threaten that they will boycott MAMA from now on if “Power” wins “Best Music Video”. They have a reason for that, especially when many competitors’ MVs in this nomination are very outstanding. However, perhaps, what people are concerning will not happen, because the one who is probably the winner of this award is Wanna One. Why Wanna One? Just think, they must win something, so they will attend in all 3 nights of the event, right? Secondly, MAMA “promised” to reveal a complete story that connects 2 mini albums “1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)” and “1X1=1 (TO BE ONE)“, including the end of MV “Beautiful” (which is also the former of “Energetic”). So now, do you believe that this award will belong to Wanna One as well as “Energetic”?

Best OST

Of course, this award will belong to Chanyeol & Punch with “Stay With Me”. MAMA even prepares a stage for the OST of “Goblin” and Soyou will replace Punch to sing with Chanyeol.

exo, best ost, mama 2017

Best Vocal Performance Male Solo, Best Vocal Performance Female Solo and Best Vocal Performance Group

These are 3 most difficult categories to predict because there is still no information to conclude anything. To know the winners for these awards, we may need to wait until the MAMA’s red carpet part at 4pm on 1 Dec.

Best Dance Performance Solo

Receiving the highest number of votes and owning impressive stages in 2017, Taemin is the artist who deserves this award the most. How about Sunmi with the famous “Gashina’ choreography? Please scroll to the previous part to read the prediction of the writer.

Finally, it’s time for 2 most important awards of MAMA 2017, Daesang “Artist of the year” and “Album of the year”.

Hopefully when reading here, no Kpop fan “innocently” thinks that either BTS or EXO will win both of those awards. In fact, BOTH of the groups are already in Hong Kong. Therefore, 99% that each group will win one award. So, which group will win which award?

BTS, exo, mama 2017, line-up

There’s a high chance that EXO will win Daesang “Album of the year” thanks to their million-copies achievement of their summer album “The War” (including the repackaged with “Power”). Meanwhile, Daesang “Artist of the year” will be given to BTS. There are so many reasons for BTS to win this award, such as the album sales achievement, popularity, creating history with their award on Billboards, performing at AMAs 2017 and participating in many reputed American TV Shows…

mama 2017, hong kong, japan, bts, exo, wanna one, twice

Comparing “The 3 Daesang” 2016 to 2017, we will realize that they are still TWICE, EXO, BTS and still win the same categories. Therefore, it is for sure that no matter the final results are, MAMA 2017 will never bring peacefulness and satisfy all of the audiences.

Let’s wait for the official results at “MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong” in the upcoming evening on 1 Dec.

Source: Zeusan – tinnhac

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