A vocal trainer reveals the BTS member has the most improved vocals

The interesting sharing of the vocal coach made ARMYs extremely excited. Can you guess which BTS member was mentioned?

Recently, Kim Sung Eun – the vocal coach of BTS‘ vocal line (Jin, Jungkook, V) made an appearance on the “FO Squad Kpop” YouTube channel. She shared many musical experiences as well as her working process with BTS from the group’s debut to the present.

Throughout the video, she shared a lot of interesting information about Big Hit’s boy group. And notably, Kim Sung Eun also revealed that V is the member with the most improved vocals since the group’s debut. Kim said, “The first time I heard the song ‘Fake Love’, I felt, ‘OMG, this song is so good. But there are many high notes’. Then V texted me and said he wanted to practice more on his vocal skills.”

The coach shared that she was a little surprised as before that, V had only stated that he wanted them to meet and have a meal. V then expressed his desire to learn more about vocal skills. Kim expressed: “He really wanted to sing those high notes. Perhaps even higher notes after ‘Fake Love.’ That’s when I realized: ‘Wow, V is a really hard worker. That’s why his skills are constantly improving.’”

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