A TV show received criticism for organizing a “kiss game” at the time of coronavirus

In an entertainment program, a game scene that was not suitable for the situation of Corona 19 appeared, and viewers criticized it.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program “Tuesday Cheongbaekjeon”, which aired on May 25th, male and female participants participated in a “forehead kiss” game in pairs.  Each of the cast tied a string around their waist and ran to each other.  After applying lipstick to the male cast’s lips, they left a kiss mark on the female cast’s forehead.

Volleyball player Kim Yo-han and singer Hwang Woo-rim, baseball player Lee Dae-hyung and singer Kang Hye-yeon, wrestling player Park Jung-woo and singer Hong Ji-yoon participated in the game in pairs.  One couple created an excessive skinship scene in which they hugged their faces and kissed the eyes instead of the foreheads, causing another to frown.

After the broadcast, netizens said, “Is it possible to kiss other’s forehead in the corona period? Let’s play a common-sense game.” “There are too many contact games in the corona period” “It’s low-key to kiss in the corona period.”  “The children can’t go to school and go out without a mask, but they play such that game?.”

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