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A touching story about “Street Woman Fighter” dancer Honey J (HOLYBANG), “Honey J saved me from being bullied at school”

A comment on Youtube mentioning HOLYBANG’s leader Honey J (Jeong Hanee), who is competing on “Street Woman Fighter”, has recently become a hot topic.

On September 16, A commented on the “Street Woman Fighter” Mega Crew mission dance video of HOLYBANG crew that started with, “Hanee ah, I don’t know if you remember me.”

The commentator introduced her/himself as a friend who went to the same elementary school with Honey J and expressed his/her gratitude to Honey J.

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This person recalled, “When I transferred to Cheongju, I almost got bullied for using Busan dialect. However, you were the first person to ask me to become your friend and took me to your home. I remembered your grandmother when I looked at your Instagram Highlights. I’m glad that she’s still doing fine. I have known that you have loved dancing since the 3rd year of elementary school, and I feel proud to see your news all over the place like this. I always you to be healthy and cheer for each of your steps.”

Street Woman Fighter

A continued, “Actually, I have had blood cancer since a long time ago. However, despite that, I still remember you as the very first friend whom I knew after my transferring. You are such a precious friend to me. Your words and actions from the past and now are still consistent. That’s why people fall in love with you, and you have become such a popular person. Thank you so much for appearing in my childhood days. Thanks to you, I could fix my dialect to adapt to the new environment and enjoyed my 3 and a half years in elementary school. I dreamt of becoming a vocalist because I liked singing and your dream was to be a dancer. The way you are shaking the whole country like this reminds me of our childhood. I’m happy with how we appear beautifully and great like this. Thank you so much.”

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