A top actress rode the Seoul subway with her face all covered up 

This famous actress was spotted on the Seoul subway and drew attention. 

On September 30, actress Kim Hee Sun shared a photo of her on Instagram. In the photo, Kim Hee Sun was about to get on a train at Mangwon Station on Seoul Subway Line 6. She was all covered up with a bucket hat and a mask so she was not recognized in public. 

kim hee sun

Netizens left comments under Kim Hee Sun’s photos such as, “You’re so cute”, “My love”, “I hope you will come to Thailand~”, “I miss you”, “My idol took the subway!” 

Kim Hee Sun, one of the most well-known Korean actresses in their 40s, made her debut as a CF model in 1993. She married a businessman in 2007 and gave birth to a daughter. 

In April of this year, she returned to the small screen in MBC’s “Tomorrow”. In July, she made another comeback in Netflix’s original series “Remarriage & Desires”.

kim hee sun

Kim Hee Sun recently confirmed her appearance in the movie “Sweet and Warm” and is currently in the process of filming. “Sweet and Warm” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Chi Ho (Yoo Hae Jin), a researcher at a genius confectionery company who has developed an addictive taste. His life goes through a sweet change when he meets Il Young (Kim Hee Sun), a call center employee at a loan review company who thinks positively about anything. It is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Source: wikitree

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