“A star’s wife was threatened by a host bar”, controversy over a Youtuber leaking people’s real names

A YouTuber dealing with celebrities’ incidents has raised controversy as he revealed how a celebrity’s wife was threatened by a visit to a host bar in the past as well as her real name without confirming it.

On Oct 27th, a YouTuber posted a video stating that the wife of a famous celebrity was threatened after hanging out with a male host at a host bar. This YouTuber even posted real names and photos of the mentioned celebrity and his wife on the video thumbnail, claiming that it happened in June 2019 and those involved were celebrity A and his wife B.

Celebrity' wife threatened Korean

The case became known in 2019 when a man in his 30s was arrested and handed over to trial after he blackmailed a celebrity’s wife that he would expose her past of frequenting a host bar. At that time, the media had reported the incident anonymously.

This YouTuber opened their channel in November last year and had released scandals and real names of several celebrities, recording more than 98 million cumulative views. In addition to the mentioned YouTuber, netizens are raising voices of criticism towards many others who also upload videos of celebrities’ real names and photos without evidence, causing secondary damage.


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