A staff member commented on various idols’ personalities including BTS, TWICE and Irene

According to this person, idols are mostly well mannered and have a friendly attitude both on-stage and behind the scenes; except the leader of Red Velvet, who seems to slack off in work.

Recently, a post on Naver discussing idols’ images aroused interest in the public, since the poster is one of the broadcast staffs. This person revealed the real off-stage personalities of idols and gave endless praises for BTS, TWICE, (G)I-DLE and Cha Eunwoo.


Rap Monster – He greets everyone well and he’s well mannered. He’s smart and is a qualified leader. It was after BTS went to the Billboards, but he still bowed 90 degrees to every staff member.


J-Hope – One of the two most well mannered ones in BTS, along with Rap Monster.

BTS’s J-Hope

Jimin – He always wears the mic in a wrong way and complains that it doesn’t work. He seems cute.

BTS’s Jimin

V – He’s just really handsome.


He’s a huge celebrity, but he takes greetings nicely and gives autographs.


TWICE is the nicest group; Tzuyu, Sana, and Momo are especially well-mannered. Sana is the one who usually starts conversations. Also, she remembers what the staffs talked about before and mentions it. (eg. Oppa, you did this on the other day, right?) And Tzuyu and Jihyo are the prettiest.



He is the friendliest boy. Whether it’s a woman or a man, he comes first and greets them. One day, the staff member was taking a selfie and Cha Eunwoo poked his head into the frame and asked to take a selfie with him.

Most rookie groups are nice, so as (G)I-DLE.

As an answer to someone asking about Red Velvet, this person shared that the members are friendly, but Irene seems to put the least effort into things. After the attitude incident on Weekly Idol, Irene continues to receive criticism from the public.

[+310, -3] Weekly Idol staff also seemed to be flustered with Irene. She didn’t write down anything on her profile so the staff wrote it for her and aired it […] She should quit being on the broadcast then.

[+291, -1] It’s not a rumor and there’s a proof, too. Irene acts rude to the staff, there’s this Weekly Idol controversy, and she doesn’t dance properly… She’s really something. Were her fans hiding her true personality all along or did she become arrogant?

[+145, -1] Cold-beauty my ass. She’s just rude and slacking off.

A majority of the comments also show their agreement with the staff and compliment BTS’ and TWICE’s nice personalities. They believe that the two groups will last for a long time while Red Velvet’s bubble may burst any time soon, due to the concerns with their latest comeback and Irene’s attitude controversy.

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