A Spanish magazine is criticized for mocking Jonghyun’s death

A Spanish magazine shocked the public as they released a comic book mocking K-POP fans and Jonghyun’s death.

The death of Jonghyun (SHINee) at the age of 27 is one of the events that engulfed K-POP in the sea of ​​tears. It is a huge pain for K-POP fans in general and Shawol in particular. Regardless of how many years pass, fans still cannot forget that fateful year. However, Jonghyun’s death was once again taunted by people.

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In particular, a Spanish magazine called “El Jueves, la revista que sale los miércoles” was heavily criticized for publishing an ironic publication of Jonghyun’s death. It is written in this comic book:

This makes fans angry because they wrote as if Jonghyun intentionally committed suicide at the age of 27 to follow what Jimi Hendrix, Janis, Jim Morrison, Kurt did.

This magazine continues to emphasize that K-pop idols look so similar and can only be distinguished by hair color. Not only that, in the comic book there is also a part that K-POP fans have bone-chilling terror:

Now K-POP fans are furious because they feel offended. There are thousands of fans collecting signatures to delete this publication.

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