A song from 10 years ago is re-entering the Top 100 chart after KARA’s comeback 

After KARA’s first comeback in more than 7 years, a song is showing an unusual upward trend on music charts. 

On November 29th, the 2nd generation Kpop girl group KARA released their 15th anniversary album “MOVE AGAIN” and the title song “When I Move”. 


Immediately after its release, “When I Move” climbed to the top of various online music charts. On Bugs, the song topped both the real-time and daily charts, while on Melon, it is ranked 12th as of December 5th, and is about to enter the top 10.


There is also great response on overseas music sites. In particular, the song has been listed on the Japanese iTunes Kpop song chart, album chart, and music video chart.

In addition to “When I Move”, there was actually another KARA song that is rapidly climbing the charts, and it is none other than the group’s 2011 hit, “Step”.


Back on November 27th, “Step” was ranked 948th on the Melon chart. By November 29th, it soared to 289th. Since then, the song has continued to rise in the rankings, reaching 203rd, 144th, and 135th.

At 9:00 AM (KST) on December 5th, “Step” finally appeared on Melon’s real-time Top 100. 


Listening to the song, netizens left positive comments such as “I’m still listening to it. It’s so good”, “Let’s listen to my favorite song ‘Step'”, and “As expected, I wasn’t the only one listening to it again”.

Source: Dispatch 

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