A series of real-life photos of TWICE: 9 girls bring the best definition of beauty

It is not exaggerating to say that TWICE is a girl group with the most gorgeous visual of KPOP nowadays as all the members have their own charm that cannot be mixed.

With the state of KPOP being diverse as of today, even Korean officials are concerned because there are hundreds of idols who look the same on television. Young artists follow the common standards of beauty such as v-line chin, double eyelid eyes, pure white skin. Not to mention the same makeup style makes the audience dizzy because they cannot distinguish the artists.

Meanwhile, most of the top girl groups have beautiful members in their own way. The public will favor the idols with their own characteristics which can’t be mixed with anyone. Recently, on the Pann forum, there was a series of photos showing the real-life images of TWICE. Behind the photoshop pictures at the fan signs, the JYP girls still look stunning with only a normal camera mode.

twicepic 1
twicepic 2
twicepic 3
twicepic 4
twicepic 5
twicepic 7
twicepic 8
twicepic 9
twicepic 10

Netizens commented:

  • I have seen Tzuyu once, at super close range. I also saw many famous people in the world, always feeling “oh, he or she is so handsome/pretty”, but when I saw Tzuyu I was dumbfounded … I just stood and breathed … The truth is she is so beautiful …
  • Someone said that Tzuyu used to be a Chinese actress. The other members are also pretty but Tzuyu is still the most prominent.
  • There are some people who defame that besides Sana, Tzuyu, Mina, this group is full of bad looking people. Why don’t you try standing next to them?
  • When I saw these photos, I was really surprised, it was a flower garden.
twicepic 11

Source: tinnhac

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