A series of artists will make their comebacks around the beginning of the year, SM is determined to regain its position?

The Kpop race seems hotter than ever when SM Entertainment announced that a series of artists of this company will make a comeback in the first half of 2021.

As the management company of many of the most popular groups in the Korean music industry today, the release of a new album by groups under SM attracts a lot of attention from the Korean and international public.  Specifically, SM Entertainment has announced that their artists will return to the K – Pop race in the first half of this year and WayV will be the first one to return on October 3.

However, unlike previously expected, SM does not mention any plans for Red Velvet, although fans are still waiting for the group after a long time since their last comeback in 2019. Fans are currently very confused about the situation, especially in the current sensitive context. Accordingly, n August this year, Red Velvet will expire the 7-year exclusive contract (8/2014 – 8/2021), and this time (6 months before the contract ends) is when the artist and company are discussing their plans for the future.  The situation will become complicated if one or more members no longer want to stay under SM.

In the first half of 2021, Kpop is equally bustling when many notable names will return.  Among them, there are those who announced their comeback schedule a long time ago, but there are many people who just confirmed their comeback date and contributed to making the race more exciting like IU, ROSÉ, iKON, …

Rosé's solo album only have 2 tracks

Certainly, in the first half of 2012, the K-Pop fan community will have the opportunity to enjoy many well-invested albums and songs

Sources: saostar

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