A Royal Princess Is Joining the Ranks of Kpop Idols? 

A royal princess is pursuing her dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

Princess Jenna Norodom from Cambodia, has recently been introduced to the public in a recent feature by YTN. Jenna Norodom is the second daughter of Princess Norodom Bupphary and the granddaughter of the current King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihamoni.

Despite her young age of just 11, Princess Jenna has set her sights on becoming an idol. With a deep interest in K-dramas and K-pop idol groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and Momoland, Princess Jenna has immersed herself in Kpop culture. 

Jenna Norodom

This led her to diligently practice dance routines, cover popular Kpop songs, and share them with her 800,000 subscribers on her personal YouTube channel. Notably, she released her own song titled “You Da One” last year, which showcased her musical talent.

Princess Jenna’s potential has not gone unnoticed. During a recent interview, Na Yoon Jung, CEO of a Korean entertainment company, expressed her interest in collaborating with the young princess.

Jenna Norodom

Na Yoon Jung praised Princess Jenna’s exceptional learning ability and recognized her immense potential. The Cambodian princess has started her training under the company’s guidance since last year and has already set her goal on making her mark in Korea’s entertainment industry.

In her interview with YTN, Princess Jenna passionately expressed her love for Kpop, highlighting its unique and modern appeal. She admires how Kpop songs have an irresistible energy that keeps listeners on their feet. With vibrant melodies and addictive beats, Kpop songs exude a cheerful and cool vibe that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Source: Billboard. 

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