A rookie male idol is revealed to have sent affectionate messages to a fan in private and got rejected 

After a Youtuber exposed personal messages of a male idol sent to his fan, the story is creating a buzz on social media. 

Recently, a YouTube channel called “Sojang” drew attention by telling a story of a fan (temporarily called A) rejecting a male idol who was giving her special affection. While it is more common for fans to approach idols and express their feelings, this is a reversed situation. According to the private KakaoTalk messages leaked by “Sojang“, the male idol shows that he especially cares about this fan. 

He is revealed to often prioritize getting close to A’s camera so that A can take close-up photos of him. He also let A decide his outfit, opened up about his difficulties after debut to A, even writing A letters to show his affection. “Sojang” revealed that the rookie male idol in the story is DRIPPIN’s Minseo.

Minseo (DRIPPIN) is revealed by a YouTuber to have feelings for his fan

In an unveiled message, Minseo said sorry to A and explained that he was not entertaining or having conversations with other fans like A said in a post. Accordingly, “Sojang” speculated that A was misunderstanding that Minseo was also flirting with other fans, so he immediately contacted A to give a clarification.

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“I saw your post and I have something to tell you. I haven’t texted with any fan other than you since 8:21pm on Saturday, February 20. On March 19, 2021, because someone sent a message, I just texted back to ask ‘who are you?’. I want to know what has happened. Please read my message”, the message is said to have been sent by Minseo to A. After that, this fan refused and cut off contact with the male idol. She also added that the DRIPPIN member seems to have misunderstood the relationship between the two.

The male idol is currently receiving mixed opinions after the story was shared.

Following the release of the video, the public was split into two streams of mixed reactions. Many viewers supported the DRIPPIN member while also criticizing the YouTube channel “Sojang” for showing the controversial video. Fans pointed out that Minseo is a nice guy and it’s not wrong to express his gratitude to his fans. Some people, on the other hand, think that idols should not contact fans in this way. Neither Minseo nor DRIPPIN’s management company, Woollim Entertainment, have responded to the aforementioned information as of yet.

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