A rookie drew attention for looking like Red Velvet’s Irene

More surprisingly, this female rookie was once a trainee under SM Entertainment – the management company of Irene as well as Red Velvet.

Recently, Nana, leader of the rookie group woo! ah!  has received special attention from the public because of possessing many similar facial features to Irene (Red Velvet).


Nana has a pure beauty, always keeps positive energy and often smiles on stage.  That is also the reason why Nana is so attractive.  Moreover, having a similar facial expression to Irene helps her gain special attention.  Some comments also pointed out that Nana is quite similar to Hyeri:

  • She’s pretty in a lovely way.
  • Especially when she smiles, she looks like Irene.
  • I think she looks more like Hyeri .
  • Nana = Hyeri + Irene.
Some netizens think thst she looks a little bit like…
… Girls’ Day Hyeri

Nana, born in 2001, is currently the leader of the rookie girl group woo!ah!.  Although she is the main dancer, she is highly appreciated for her stable singing, dancing and rapping skills.  Nana is also the visual of the group.

In particular, Nana used to be a trainee of SM.  She and another member of the group Wooyeon both underwent training at SM.  However, they left this company to move to NV Entertainment.  Thus, Nana almost became Irene’s dongseng!

Source: Theqoo

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