A rapper unfollowed everyone on Instagram because of his girlfriend then followed 359 people again after breaking up

Here’s the latest update of a famous rapper who once listened to his girlfriend by removing all of his Instagram followers. 

There are many Korean celebrity couples who are currently dating in public happily. Hyuna and Dawn, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyungho, actors Lee Donghwi and Jung Hoyeon are prime examples.

Hyuna and Dawn

Rapper Nucksal, who confessed that he was dating a non-celebrity outside of the entertainment industry, got married in September and received many blessings.

Famous rapper Yang Hong Won, who became widely known by appearing on Mnet’s “High School Rapper”, also revealed his girlfriend through his personal Instagram in January.

Yang Hong-won-instagram

He even unfollowed all of his acquaintances’ accounts after he confessed that he was in a relationship.

At the time, Yang Hong Won confessed through an Instagram live broadcast that his girlfriend told him to delete all of his followers. Many netizens were surprised to see Yang Hong Won being obedient to his girlfriend, considering his fierce rapper image. 

Yang Hong-won-instagram

After that, Yang Hong Won continued his Lovestagram by posting various pictures of him and his girlfriend on Instagram. However, it appears that Yang Hong Won recently broke up with his girlfriend. This is because the number of following, which had been maintained at ‘0’, increased to ‘359’.

Yang Hong-won-instagram

When a fan asked, “After you broke up with your girlfriend, your following changed from 0 to 359,” Yang Hong Won replied, “It was hard for me too.”

Although Yang Hong Won indirectly confirmed the breakup, traces of his romantic relationship still remain on his Instagram account.

Yang Hong-won-instagram

On the other hand, Yang Hong Won said on his Instagram on October 19th, leaving a long message beginning with the words “To my fans” and opening up about his current situation.


He said, “I wanted to stand in front of you, but I really needed time. I don’t have much right now, so I can’t wear nice clothes and sing my songs in front of you with a pretty face yet.

Yang Hong Won made up his mind that he would appear in front of fans again within a year. In the post, Yang Hong Won also showed his incredibly skinny appearance, sparking concern among fans.

Sources: insight kr

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