A photo that made fans mistakenly think Red Velvet members were BLACKPINK

This photo makes fans extremely excited!

Recently, on Kpop forums, fans suddenly shared a photo of the moment Red Velvet was dressed in pink and black as the main theme at a concert in 2016. However, this outfit caused an interesting ‘mistake’. 

At a glance, many people will think this is BLACKPINK, not Red Velvet. Because the outfits that the Red Velvet girls wore at this concert are black and pink, which are the two symbolic colors of BLACKPINK.  And yet, the words “BLANK” on the girls’ shirts make everyone mistakenly think of it as “BLINK” (BLACKPINK’s fandom name).


Moreover, this picture is combined with 4 members instead of 5 members as usual, so at a glance, fans will think that this is the BLACKPINK lineup, which includes Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé.  There is also an opinion that Irene’s hairstyle in the photo makes her look like Rosé

– Now you know what BlackVelvet’s fandom name is!

– I thought it was a fandom shirt but got a spelling mistake

I thought it was BLACKPINK.  I was even wondering why their hair color is so strange.

– At first glance, I mistook Irene for Rosé.

However, this lovely mistake makes fans of both groups excited!  For a long time, the “BLACK VELVET” has been the second most popular OTP in Kpop, because Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are both girl groups pursuing a diverse and powerful concept. Their vibe also matches well. BLACK VELVET is also known as a “super visual” girl group. All 9 girls have outstanding beauty.

BLACKVELVET – Fanmade image
BLACKVELVET – Fanmade image

Every moment they appeared together, the space seemed to light up because of their pretty visual. The girls are also very close, even though they come from two different companies.

Source: Twitter

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