A photo supposedly of Kris Wu in the hospital is attracting netizens’ attention

Although it is not clear whether the man in the photo is really Kris Wu or not, the photo is still widely spread on SNS.

Chinese netizens are aggressively circulating an image that is said to be of Kris Wu, which disclosed the male singer’s current position. On the evening of September 8, a well-known blogger with 890,000 followers posted that photo with the caption: “I suspect this is an image of a Canadian artist.” In the comments section, this blogger also added this image provided by a fan with the sharing: “Looks like this is WYF, I have compared it myself. Quite similar.”


It’s worth noting that netizens are all focusing on a series of specific details in the photo, such as the prisoner’s head being covered, his ankles being also chained, and two police officers standing next to him. Many people pointed out the information on the board in the photo, which is labeled “Dermatology“.

Netizens are all commenting on the topic of why the person who is said to be Kris Wu must cover his head: “I guess it’s to avoid him getting infected”, “It is likely to prevent others from realizing who the prisoner is”,…

Furthermore, because of the word “Dermatology,” many people wondered if Wu Yifan had been here for a medical examination: “Does he have syphilis?”


Currently, the police have not verified this image. Therefore, many people are still waiting for official information from the government.

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