A petition for suspension of all YG artists’ broadcasting activity appeared on the Blue House’s website

The controversy is over the petition on the Blue House’s website asking for the suspension of all broadcasting activities of YG Entertainment, whose artist have recently been under controversy over drug allegations.

In a petition titled “We demand a suspension for all entertainment activity of YG Entertainment‘s artists” posted on the bulletin board of the presidential office Blue House on June 12th, “YG Entertainment celebrities are constantly getting involved in drug and marijuana cases and we must stop their activities on all broadcasts.”

A petition for suspension of all YG artists' broadcasting activity appeared on the Blue House's website

YG Entertainment has a lot of idol singers, actors and entertainers,” the petitioner said, “Many recent drug scandals have erupted. With all these suspicions with just one agency, there must be a serious problem inside that so many drug allegations are taking place.

The person added that their entertainment activities on all broadcasting media should be suspended and the government should conduct an internal investigation on this matter thoroughly.

On Wednesday, Dispatch, a media outlet specializing in entertainment, revealed a Kakaotalk conversation in which YG rapper B.I was suspected with drug violation in April 2016.

Sources: nate

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