The dirtiest Kpop idol girl group’s dorm ever with dust covered the floor and stinking garbage

In light a Korean star was accused by Chinese staff of being a slob and having poor manners, photos taken in a Kpop girl group’s messy dormitory were dug up again.

Female idols always appear with the most beautiful and neat appearance, that’s why many fans think that they are always clean and tidy girls in real life. But that does not seem to be true for Lovelyz. Recently, on Mnet’s TMI News program, member Mijoo has unmasked her group’s indiscriminate and unhygienic life in the dorm.

Lovelyz has been living together since their debut in 2014 and started to live separately in 2020. Mijoo admitted that after living alone, her immune system has become much better, and now is in the best condition. At first, the guests did not understand why, until she revealed, “We have the dirtiest dorm in the world”.

According to Mijoo, since all the members are busy, there is no time for them to clean their dorm. This has made their living environment dirty and messy. There was even a time when the dorm was so dirty that if they wear white socks inside the house, they would come out with black socks.

And that was not the worst, Mijoo disclosed that the dormitory kitchen was the most unbelievably horrible and dirty place. According to her, the members did not have time to wash the dishes, so dirty dishes were piled up. Food waste was also stagnant and rotten. The kitchen is so messy that sometimes the members can not cook anything more.

Lovelyz’s bedroom is revealed here:

lovelyz dorm

Previously, Mijoo revealed that her group’s dorm is much messier than the boy group’s, but now she has revealed exactly how cluttered Lovelyz is. Immediately, guests and the audience in studio were shocked. Lovelyz is a girl group that is pure, sweet, and pretty like fairies, so everyone was surprised to find out that they were that dirty.

lovelyz dorm

However, there are also opinions that the idols are busy, and sometimes sleep only for a few hours a day, so it is hard for them to tidy up their house. Their dorm are also very small and up to eight people live together, so it is difficult to avoid clutter.

Recently, Chinese social media is stirred up by information revealed by an industry insider. Specifically, a netizen claiming to be a staff member of a Chinese entertainment crew wrote a post accusing a popular Korean actress of having messy habits and bad behavior. This person even uploaded photos taken inside a messed-up car as evidence. Notably, Song Hye Kyo and the actresses of Our Blues are rumored to be the star mentioned in the above article.

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