A netizen recently made a post on Pann saying that they think BTS’s V and BlackPink’s Jennie might be dating

The “proof” they had was of two Valentine’s Day posts the idols had made. ⁣In both of them,they referred to Valentine’s Day as “V day”⁣

BTS’s V and BlackPink’s Jennie might be dating

Comments: ⁣

Is Kendall Jenner dating V too then??⁣

The V just stands for Valentine’s…nothing else!⁣

If you go on Instagram and search “Vday” you can see many foreigners using it. It’s not a big deal..⁣

(Comments dissing the looks of the idol who Isnt their bias)⁣

His fans are really terrorising her comment section because of this….⁣

V for Valentine’s Day!⁣

JISOO and V being together would make more sense.⁣

First people were talking about how Jungkook and Rosé are together and now this…You guys need a job’!⁣

Sources: fansdramaw

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