A model citizen: Jun (U-Kiss) chased down a drunk driver for an hour and handed him over to the police

Singer and actor Lee Joon Young caught a drunk driver and showed the side of a model citizen.

Male singer and actor U-KISS Jun (real name Lee Jun Young) helped arrest a drunk driver on August 25. After calling the police to report the situation, Lee Jun Young ran after the driver’s car till the end, doing his best for road safety.


The black box of the car recorded the situation when Lee Jun Young was on his way home in Uijeongbu after finishing his schedule in Seoul at 9:35 pm on August 25. When he noticed and suspected a driver of being drunk on the road, he decided to chase him down.

After about an hour of tracking from the Dongbu Expressway to Uijeongbu, the police confirmed that the driver was driving while intoxicated.


The video shows Lee Joon Young calmly reporting to some police officers, “There’s a car moving strangely, so I’m following.” During this process, the U-Kiss’s maknae also agreed to turn on his phone’s location tracker and cooperate with the investigation by handing over his black box to the police.

Lee Jun Young recently finished filming the KBS drama “Imitation” and is participating in a number of drama projects such as SBS “l’ll Be Your Night” (with Jung In Sun, NU’EST JR, Yoon Ji Sung, AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun) and Netflix “Moral Sense” (with SNSD Seohyun).

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