A member of Winner has consistently commemorate Choi Jin Sil’s death anniversary for 5 years

This idol has just uploaded his commemorative post for Choi Jin Sil on her day this year.

On October 2, WINNER Kim Jin Woo posted a picture of a white flower on his Instagram and added a praying emoticon in his caption. His post was to commemorate Choi Jin Sil, who passed away on this day in 2008.

Kim Jin Woo has been steadily posting commemorative posts on October 2, Choi Jin Sil’s death date, since 2016 until now.

Choi Jin Sil

There was a reason why Kim Jin Woo is consistently doing this as a memorial to Choi Jin Sil. It was because he dreamed of becoming an actor after seeing Choi Jin Sil’s acting.

During an interview in the past, Kim Jin Woo said, “I watched the drama ‘My Rosy Life’ when I was 16. The drama tells about the character that Choi Jin Sil sunbaenim played, a patient who is running out of time but manages to live a great life. The way she expressed pain in the film is still embedded in my heart”

Kim Jin Woo

Then he confessed, “To me, her acting was full of humanity, so after watching the drama, I dreamed of becoming an actor.”

In addition, Choi Jin Sil debuted as an advertising model in 1988. With her first drama was “Jealousy” in 1992, she became a promising young star. In 2008, Choi Jin Sil ended her life with an extreme decision.

Sources: dispatch

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