A member of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ PROWDMON team turns out to be a former YG trainee

She even chose BLACKPINK’s How You Like That to perform her part in ‘Street Woman Fighter’!

‘Street Woman Fighter’, an Mnet variety show, has recently been the center of attention when gathering the top female dancers in Korea. Thanks to the popularity of the show, many contestants have earned a great reputation and gained a large fan base as if they were Kpop idols. 

Recently, some netizens pointed out that a member of the PROWDMON team is a former YG trainee.  That’s Rosy.  This information was quickly shared throughout social networking sites, making fans quite surprised and excited.


Specifically, Rosy was once a YG trainee and took the role of the main dancer of ‘Team A’.  She also appeared in the practice video of team A posted by YG. 

At that time, Rosy was known as YG’s trainee Park Jung Min.  YG’s Team A is said to include Jung Min, Im Suah, Moon Sua, Sadaju, Minah, and Yejin.  Later, the 4-member lineup included Jung Min, Sadaju, Minah, and Yejin. Some rumors claim that all members of Team A, including Rosy, have left YG.

Recently, in a battle with Lee Chaeyeon, Rosy chose BLACKPINK’s How You Like That to perform her part.

The audience felt quite regretful because, with her outstanding visual and talent, if Rosy became an idol, she would surely be extremely successful and famous.  On the other hand, some netizens were excited as the show also has the participation of a dance team from YG, YGX.

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