A member of SHA SHA fainted during their comeback showcase

Wanlin, the new member from girlgroup SHA SHA suddenly passed out on stage.

On August 23th, SHA SHA opened a comeback showcase for their second single “What the Heck” in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

However, near the end of the showcase, Wanlin, SHA SHA‘s new Chinese member suddenly lost consciousness and fainted on stage. At that time, she could not control her body anymore.


It came as a surprise to all SHA SHA’s members. Some of them even burst into tears as they were shocked by what had happened and the staff immediately rushed to the stage to help her.


SHA SHA’s agency, Majority Entertainment said: Wanlin is currently under examination at the hospital and the results have not come out yet.”

They also stated: Wanlin has not been well since this morning. However, she expressed a strong desire to stand on stage despite not feeling well.”

The showcase was quickly wrapped up right after that.

Souce: Dispatch

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