A member of CRAVITY was harassed by a woman and Starship Ent. gave a warn, “The investigation is being carried out, there will be no leniency”

It is reported that a member of CRAVITY was molested by an unknown woman.

On October 3, Starship Entertainment reported to Dispatch, “An unidentified person broke into the office building of our company without permission today. There was an unpleasant incident happened to our artists.”


This woman, A, took advantage of Starship employee’s access and entered the building that day. She approached a member who was waiting for his schedule and touched his body.

Then the manager immediately stopped her and reported to the police. However, A didn’t respond to the police’s eviction and request for companionship.

The company said, “We already sent the CCTV footage inside and outside the building to the police station for investigations. We also reported her unauthorized entry and unwanted physical contact with our artist.”

At 3 PM, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul investigated A at the office of Starship Entertainment in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Currently, it is reported that the member who was attacked has already returned home and is taking a rest. The police have not summoned A yet, but it is expected that she will be called to the investigation soon.

In response, the company made a fierce announcement, “We would like to inform once again that visits to offices and artists’ accommodations are strictly prohibited. If this incident happens again, we will punish you with no leniency.”

The company also said, “We will do our best to prevent recurrence and protect our artists. We sincerely ask you to cooperate for a safe meeting between artists and fans.”

Sources: dispatch

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